Relationship Advice – Are Life Stresses Killing Your Relationship?

The stress of everyday life can take its toll on any intimate relationship. We are all hurried and over-scheduled most of the time these days. Between running back and forth to our jobs, and running our children to and from soccer practice, ballet, or karate, etc., it can become very frustrating when you are wanting […]

Relationship Advice – Negative Behavior Patterns That Affect An Intimate Relationship

Intimate relationships are bound to meet certain challenges. How we handle those challenges is part of what determines the success of the relationship. But there are some certain negative behavior patterns that can creep in and undo the love and affection that you have for each other. 1. One such behavior is contempt.¬†This shows a […]

Relationship Advice – How to Handle Jealousy In Your Intimate Relationship

Jealousy is one of those strong emotions of a relationship that has the tendency to turn brutal very quickly. It might start out innocent enough – a snide comment here, an off-handed joke there – but in the end, there is always a hidden agenda being restrained that will eventually come out. And when it […]