Whose Marriage Is It, Anyway? The Dangers of Comparing Yours to Others

There is no shortage of ways in which we tend to compare ourselves to others: You look at your neighbors’ house and wish yours were just a little bigger. You hear that a friend’s son was accepted to an exclusive university and feel a tad envious because yours didn’t make it into his first-choice school. […]

Successful Marriages – Three Secrets Behind Them

Have you come across couples who have been successfully married for more than 25 years? You should have come across such people. But have you tried to find out what the secrets that made their marriages last so long were? While doing this analysis, you should differentiate between marriages that have been successful and marriages […]

Rekindling the Passion in Your Marriage – What You Need to Know

Couples should be passionate to each other to be able to make the marriage last. A marriage without passion is more likely to fail. Passion keeps the relationship alive. If the passion in your marriage starts to fade, you have to do something to bring back the fire in your marriage. Rekindling the passion in […]