The Best Way To Approach Women – The Eye Contact Technique

Exactly how do you know if a woman is open to your approach? This is the issue of each and every single guy on earth and probably also the greatest fear that has cursed man since eve ate that stupid apple. Manly men say they’d rather go to war than deal with the possible rejection […]

Conversation Starters – What Are Good Conversation Starters for a First Date?

The first date can be one of the most exciting but nerve-racking experiences. A good first date can be exhilarating with a range of emotions from anxiousness to joy. First dates can be fraught with a number of problems if you are unprepared. One of the best ways to prepare for a first date is […]

Do You Make These Mistakes When Talking to Women?

At some point in time a guy will usually screw up something when talking to a woman. This is of course totally natural. The thing you need to be aware of though is that you want to keep those mistakes down so that you don’t blow your chances with the girl. In this article I […]